Quadra would like to thank :

Families, Friends, Asaf Kartash (#1 fan, Video assistance), Yasmin Perez, Moosh and Batiah Shay,

,Yonit Ben Or , Galit Rabi, Guy Elihau (Soundman, Lights, Doorman, Bodyguard

Carrier, Cashier, Comedian, Proffesional Player), Sigal Cohen (Pictures), Vay (The

 (Brave Dog), Yoav Simhoni (Joe-Joe), Allan Holdsworth, Zenia Krolik (Sound

(Ofir Elbaz (Rehearsal Consuler, Professional Bass Player, Jerusalem public relations officer

Yaniv Geffen, Kevin Moore, Amir Halfon, Hasoni Brothers - Humus Full, Yonatan

Levinson (Video and mental support), Uri Levinson (Stills), Ido and Amnon from 

,Tower Reocords Rehovot, Amir Lener, Lior Aharonovich, Itai Amir, The Electric Company

 ,(Lahav Dina and Dror (For helping with the site), Miki Cherniak (Making the logo

 ,(Dror Yakar, Machine Head, Guy Ben Asher, Bingo the Clown, Roi Levin (English

.Camel, Gray Boy Allstar 

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