The group plays original instrumental music, mainly influenced by 70’s progressive rock bands such as: King Crimson, U.K., Camel, and other musical styles like Jazz, Fusion, Hard Rock and Metal .

The group has been working on their current material for the last year and a half in an independent rehearsal room in Giva’taim .

The band members are :

Ravid Shai – Guitars, 27 years old, from Rehovot, single, a musician/guitar teacher.
Dror Kartash – Keyboards, 22 years old, from Rehovot, single, fresh out of the army.
Gilad Perez – Bass Guitar, 32 years old, from Rehovot, originally from Kyryat Ono, married. 
Sagi Ben-Or – drums, 26 yeares old, Lives In Giva’taim, originally from the Haifa area, married, drum teacher.

The group got together 5 years ago when Ravid and Dror Played together in a Metal group, and at the same time Ravid played cover versions of well known songs at the Weitzmann Institue. That same group, temporarily named “Gallapagos”, included Itay Amir (drums), Gilad Perez (bass guitar) and Tamar Cohen (vocals) .

The group split up after 6 months, and Ravid, Dror and Gilad started playing with a new drummer named Lior Aharonovich at Kibbutz Hulda, and started working on original instrumental material .

The band’s first gig was at “Orlogin”, Rehovot in 1998, and immediately they were offered to play there on a weekly basis. The band then changed its name to “Quadra”.

After a number of shows, the drummer quit, and the band froze for 6 months. During this time they found a new drummer, Doron Levine, and a new lead singer, Ronit Cohen .

The band started working on a new material, but Doron had a fatal car accident which eventually caused the final split of the band .

Once again Ravid was out searching for a drummer . Gilad accompanied him to help him with the task, but had no intention of returning to show-biz .

The first drummer on the list was Sagi, so Ravid, Gilad and Sagi started playing at Sagi’s old rehearsal room in Jaffa, under the famous “Hasoni Brothers” – one of the undisclosed “Meccas” of the humous-fava cult .

Dror the joined a small project – a performance at the “Asam” (the Barn) for Ravid and Mosh Shai’s birthday, After completing the project the band continued playing and after a year and a half of strenuous work, they came up with original material which is the basis for the group’s music today .

In June 2003 Gilad quitted the band in order to complete his post-doctorate studies in California. 

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